人教新目标九上英语试卷 Unit2 I think that mooncakes are delicious 单元测试
一、单选题 (共1题,共5分)


David visited lots of ________ in the world.

A. places of interesting   B. places of interest

C. place of interests   D. place of interesting

二、句型转换 (共1题,共5分)



【1】An old man moved the mountains many years ago.(改为一般疑问句)

________an old man _________ the mountains many years ago?

【2】I was watching TV when mother came in.(用while改写)

_______ I _____________ TV, mother came in.

【3】He worked hard. He passed the exam.(合并为一句)

He worked____________ hard____________ he passed the exam.

【4】We will go hiking if it doesn’t rain tomorrow.(改为同义句)

We will go hiking _______ it ________ tomorrow.

【5】He is too tired to walk any more.(同义句)

He is ______ tired _______ he can’t walk any more.

【6】Jack studies some objects last night.(用at seven o’clock last night改写)

Jack _____________________ some objects at seven o’clock last night.

【7】He will win the match next time.(改为一般疑问句)

________ he ________ the match next time.

【8】They got married last year..(对划线部分提问)


【9】If you don’t get up quickly, you won’t catch the first bus.(改为同义句)

__________ you get up quickly, you will ______ the first bus.

【10】She seems very excited.(改为同义句)

________  _________ that she is very excited.

【11】Ann was too young to work. (改为同义句)

Ann was _________ young _______ she couldn’t work.

三、短文填空 (共1题,共5分)



When you are about to do something brave, a cheerful wish of “Good luck!” from a friend can be helpful.But if you think you need lots of luck, what else might you do?

In the UK and US there are some strange traditions for bringing yourself a little more good 【1】.Some are hundreds of years old and some are 【2】 newer.

Have you heard the saying “When you wish upon a star”? If you are looking up at the sky on a clear night and you 【3】 a sudden flash of light, it is probably a shooting star! Seeing one doesn't happen very often.The saying goes that  【4】 you see one you have been very lucky, and so if you make a wish, it will come【5】.

Maybe you have heard 【6】the lucky rabbit's foot.Some people believe that rabbits are lucky 【7】, so they carry a part of the rabbit, its foot, for good luck.There are all 【8】 of strange, unclear rules about which of the rabbit's feet is the luckiest.It is 【9】 that this good luck tradition is the oldest one of all.However, as the funny saying goes, “Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember 【10】 didn't work for the rabbit!”

四、完型填空 (共1题,共5分)



A Festival for the dead is held once a year in Japan.This is a traditional festival in Japan and many celebrations are held.This festival is a cheerful occasion (场合), for ______ this day, the dead are said to return to their homes and they are ______ by the living.______ they are expected to be hungry after their long journey, food is laid out for them.Specially­made lanterns ______  outside each house to help the dead to find their way.All night long, people dance and sing.In the early morning, the food that ______ out for the dead is thrown into a river or into the sea as it is considered ______ for anyone living to eat it.In towns that are near the sea, the small lanterns which had been hung in the streets the night before are placed into the water when the festival is over.

Thousands of lanterns slowly drift out to sea ______ the dead on their return journey to ______ world.It is moving, for crowds of people stand on the shore watching the lanterns ______ away ______ they can be seen no more.

【1】A. in   B. on   C. at   D. /

【2】A. hated   B. frightened   C. welcomed   D. guided

【3】A. When   B. While   C. As   D. So

【4】A. are hung   B. are hanged   C. hung   D. hanged

【5】A. laid   B. has been laid   C. was laid   D. laying

【6】A. dirty   B. untidy   C. unlucky   D. tasty

【7】A. guiding   B. guided   C. guide   D. guides

【8】A. another   B. other   C. others   D. the other

【9】A. drifted   B. drift   C. drifting   D. to drift

【10】A. after   B. when   C. before   D. until

五、阅读理解 (共1题,共5分)


Three students are talking about the New Year tradition of their own country.

A.Christina from Spain

On the last day of the year, the 31st of December, people wait till 12 p.m.Everybody must have 12 grapes to eat at midnight.At each sound of the clock, we must eat a grape.But we can't ever finish eating the grapes on time! Usually when people still have some grapes in their mouths, they look at each other and start to laugh.This tradition started in Spain long ago.One year, when there were a lot of grapes, the king of Spain decided to give grapes to everybody to eat on New Year's Eve.

B.Cordon from Britain

On New Year's Day in Britain, people have parties.At 12 o'clock, the music stops, and we listen to the radio.On the radio we hear Big Ben, the famous clock in London.Then everybody sings a song about friendship and kisses their friends.We say “Happy New Year” to each other.It's lucky if a tall man with dark hair is the first person to come to the house in the New Year.So I go and visit as many friends as I can.They all give me a drink.

C.Angela from Brazil

In all cities in Brazil, we have a big party on New Year's Eve, especially in Rio de Janeiro.People in this city go to the beaches to watch fireworks (焰火).We put flowers in the sea and think about things we want for ourselves or others.We usually wear white clothes for good luck during the New Year.

【1】Which is NOT mentioned (被提到) in the passage?

A. Have 12 grapes to eat.

B. Have parties.

C. Give flowers to others.

D. Watch fireworks.

【2】Who have parties during the New Year?

A. People in Spain.

B. People in Britain.

C. People in Brazil

D. Both B and C.

【3】From the paragraph of “Cordon from Britain”, we know that ________.

A. Cordon can't drink much

B. people hear Big Ben on the radio

C. people sing a song about good luck

D. everybody in Britain goes to watch fireworks

【4】On New Year's Day, Brazilians usually wear white clothes because ________.

A. they hope that can bring them good luck

B. that reminds them of their happy life

C. they think that they look beautiful in white

D. that's what they have to do during the New Year

【5】This article mainly tells us________.

A. what people in Britain do on New Year's Day

B. when and where people have New Year parties

C. what people in different countries do on New Year's Day

D. why people around the world like the New Year

六、任务型阅读 (共1题,共5分)



Halloween is a strange holiday. It started several centuries ago in Europe. It began as “Hallow Evening” meaning “holy night”. At that time November 1st was called “All Saints' Day” and people honoured all the saints who did not have their own special day. People believed that October 31st was the time when all the evil spirits were supposed to be active. So people would play all sorts of pranks on each other.

Black is one of the traditional Halloween colors, probably because Halloween festivals and traditions took place at night.Pumpkins are a symbol of Halloween, so orange has become the other traditional Halloween­color.Making lanterns out of pumpkins is a Halloween custom.

Halloween is great fun for children.They dress up as ghosts (鬼), witches (女巫), Small children go “Trick­or­Treating”.They wear costumes, knock on doors, and shout, “Trick or Treat!” People almost always choose to give them candy as a treat, instead of choosing to receive a trick from the children.Adults sometimes “trick or treat” their friends, too.Usually the “treat” is a glass of wine or some small gifts.

Information Card

Halloween is a holiday which started 【1】 of years ago in Europe.

It was believed that the spirits of 【2】 people were active on the night before “All Saints' Day”.

【3】 and orange  are both traditional Halloween colors.

People, especially children, have great fun playing “Trick or Treat” to 【4】 Halloween.

According to the custom, people always treat the children with candy instead of【5】 a trick from them.

七、书面表达 (共1题,共5分)










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