江苏泰兴济川中学初三英语双 休日作业牛津 9A unit4
一、单选题 (共1题,共5分)


— My dream is to build ______university on the moon some day.

— It sounds like _______unusual dream. I wish you could realize it.

A. a; a   B. an; a   C. a; an   D. an; an

二、单词拼写 (共1题,共5分)



【1】Liu Xiang broke the world men’s 110-meter hurdles (跨栏赛跑) _______ (记录) in July, 2006.

【2】No one should be ___________(强迫) to do things they dislike.

【3】Children can learn team____________ (精神)when they play football.

【4】Pandas are famous all over the world. Pandas are a ____________ (象征) of China.

【5】Tom’s good habit of getting up early has ___________ (保持不变) for almost ten years.

【6】Different people have different ___________ (think) after seeing this film.

【7】— When shall I hand in my report? — As soon as it _________ (complete) tomorrow.

【8】— I called you at 4:30 p.m. yesterday, but nobody answered.

— Sorry, I ____________ (try) out for the school basketball team at that time.

【9】When the police found the old man ____________(die) in the house, he was taken to the hospital at once.

【10】The result __________ (prove) to be right since last week.

三、短文填空 (共1题,共5分)



Building a house is an operation which costs quite a lot of money. Suppose you plan to b【1】 a house, your first step is to find a suitable piece of l【2】,You will probably try to find a sunny place,in a p【3】 situation,near stores and bus stops,not too far from your friends and the place where you work.

Next you will f【4】 an experienced builder. And together with the builder you will make a p 【5】, The builder will draw it. The builder will also w【6】 out the cost of your house.He will estimate(估计)the cost of the wood,the glass,and everything else that he must use in building the house.Later on,when he starts to build,this estimate must be corrected, because the prices may c【7】,and many other things may h【8】 between the time when he makes the estimate and the time when he builds the house.

w【9】 the builder gives you his estimate,you may wish to change your plan.You may find that some of the things you wanted at first cost too much,or that you can s【10】 a little more and add something to your original plan.

四、完型填空 (共1题,共5分)


Time flies so quickly! We become mature (成熟的 ) girls or boys, or at least we____we are. At the same time, our parents are no longer young.

They____all they have to us but never look forward to getting____back. When we are ill in bed, it is our parents who look____us day and night; when we are trying to make____, it is our parents who are much happier than we are; when we're hungry or cold or sad, it is our parents who____give us help.

But what have we done for our parents?____we grow up, we have our own ideas and we think we are____enough to think and act by ourselves, so we usually dislike their care.____, sometimes we don't listen to them; even____with them !

To change the____, we must act at once, letting them know that we love them, too. In doing so, don't hesitate(犹豫) and don't be_____Try our best to understand our parents,____something for our parents and not to make them feel hopeless. In a word, make it a duty to bring____to our parents, for that's the very sign that we are really mature.

Children are parents’____and we are carrying both our dreams and theirs.

The pleasure of our parents is what we should try to do!

【1】A. think   B. explain   C. advise   D. affect

【2】A. pass   B. give   C. show   D. take

【3】A. something   B. everything   C. anything   D. nothing

【4】A. for   B. like   C. at   D. after

【5】A. progress   B. warmth   C. a decision   D. a noise

【6】A. never   B. hardly   C. seldom   D. always

【7】A. If   B. Before   C. As   D. Though

【8】A. careful   B. old   C. young   D. patient

【9】A. At first   B. As a result   C. So far   D. At once

【10】A. quarrel   B. help   C. begin   D. drink

【11】A. choice   B. situation   C. wisdom   D. suggestion

【12】A. energetic   B. active   C. shy   D. modest

【13】A. throw   B. ask   C. read   D. do

【14】A. stress   B. money   C. happiness   D. cheese

【15】A. hope   B. award   C. task   D. Aim

五、阅读理解 (共1题,共5分)


More than anything else in the world, Lion liked being King of the jungle. He walked around, showing off his power and pride.

Each day Lion took a long, lazy sleep under the shade of his favorite tree. He always dreamed of weaker animals bowing(鞠躬)before him.

One day Mouse ran through the jungle and tripped(绊倒)over Lion’s huge paws, Lion woke up with a start. “How dare you wake me up!” he shouted angrily, Lion grabbed Mouse with one paw. “On second thought, I’m in the mood for a snack, and you’ll make a delicious meal,” he said.

Mouse cried out, “King Lion, please spare(饶恕)me! If you let me live, I’ll always remember your kindness. And someday, I might be able to help you.”

“How could such a powerless little mouse ever help me?” That thought made Lion laugh so much that he decided to let Mouse go. A week later, Lion was walking through the jungle on the way to his favorite tree when he stepped onto a hunter’s net. The net scooped him up. No matter how he twisted and turned, he couldn’t escape.

When Mouse heard Lion’s frightened shouts, he raced to help. Mouse quickly chewed(咬)through the ropes to make a hole in the net. Soon, Lion moved out and was free. Lion looked down at the little mouse, “Thank you for saving my life,” said Lion, smiling his widest smile. “I was mistaken. You are not a powerless little mouse. You are a great friend!”

【1】What did Lion do each day?

A. He stepped onto a hunter’s net.

B. He bowed before weaker animals.

C. He showed kindness to animals in the jungle.

D. He had a good sleep under his favorite tree.

【2】How did Mouse wake up Lion?

A. He make a hole in the net.

B. He shouted at Lion angrily.

C. He tripped over Lion’s paws.

D. He prepared a delicious meal for Lion.

【3】Why did Lion let Mouse go?

A. Because he was trapped in the net.

B. Because he took Mouse as his good friend.

C. Because he believed Mouse could save him

D. Because he doubted if Mouse could be any help.

【4】What do you think of Mouse?

A. Clever and honest   B. Silly and lazy

C. Humorous and stubborn   D. Proud and selfish

【5】What can we learn from the passage?

A. Pride makes you lose what you have.

B. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

C. Even the small can show great strength.

D. When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

六、任务型阅读 (共1题,共5分)


Liu Wei is very famous in China because he can play the piano with his toes(脚趾).

One day when Liu Wei was only 10 years old, he played a game with some friends. He lost both his arms because of electricity(电).

Liu Wei was very sad when both his arms were cut off after the accident. But soon he had to make a choice.

“For people like me, there were only two choices. One was to give up all the dreams, which would cause a quick death. The other was to work hard without arms to live an excellent life.” says Liu Wei.

Liu’s dream was to be a pianist. His excellent life included a show on China’s Got Talent(《中国达人秀》) and a wonderful performance (演奏) playing the beautiful Marriage D’amour with his two feet on the piano.

Liu Wei learned to play the piano with his feet. And teaching himself to play the piano with his feet was very hard. Many times he wanted to give it up, but his parents went on encouraging(鼓励) him and he wanted to make his parents proud.

Maybe you can not believe that Liu Wei is able to play well only with his toes. The audience(观众) were deeply moved and very excited when they watched his performance.

【1】Why is Liu Wei very famous in China?

【2】How old was Liu Wei when he lost his arms?

【3】Was Liu Wei very sad when both his arms were cut off?

【4】Who encouraged Liu Wei to play the piano?

【5】How did the audience feel when they watched Liu’s performance?

七、书面表达 (共1题,共5分)










Since our school got ready to meet the check of the balanced development of compulsory education last month, great changes have taken place in our school. Now our school is more harmonious(和谐的) and beautiful.



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