牛津译林版单元测试卷 八上Unit 6
一、单选题 (共1题,共5分)


–What do you think of ______nature reserve ,Wujindang wetland?

--It’s great. It is_____ideal home for wildlife.

A. the ; a   B. the; an   C. a; an   D. an; an

二、单词拼写 (共1题,共5分)



【1】Every year, lots of __________ (旅行者) go to the small town to enjoy the wonderful view.

【2】I often go to the villages to enjoy the_______ (自然)beauty(美景)there.

【3】The local(本地)____________( 政府 ) should take actions to protect animals at once.

【4】It is necessary for everyone to know the ______________( 重要 ) of wetlands.

【5】____________(麻雀)are small and lovely animals.

【6】I have poor eyesight I can't see the words on the blackboard _______ (清楚地).

【7】The theme park is a _______ (完美的)place to go walking after supper.

【8】—Who ________  (描述)the details of the accident? —Lily did.

【9】My mother is_______(记录)how much money she spent on her new clothes.

【10】Please write down your name in this_______(表格)and hand it in.

三、补全对话 (共1题,共5分)


— Lucy, isn’t the talk boring?

—_________. You can learn a lot from it.

A. I think so B. That’s right   C. Yes, I agree D. No, not at all

四、短文填空 (共1题,共5分)


Zhalong Nature Reserve is in Heilongjiang. S【1】, the wetlands got smaller and smaller during some years. The environment was also getting w【2】. To save Zhalong, 5,400 people living in the main a【3】 of the wetland had to move out before 2010.

Zhalong Wetland is the l【4】 of its kind in China and home to lots of endangered animals and plants. Zhalong Nature Reserve is one of the seven wetlands in China that have been put onto the l【5】 of Wetlands of International Importance. People can find about 500 kinds of p【6】 and 300 species(种类) of animals in the reserve. It is f【7】 for the red-crowned cranes.

Before 2010, there were 13 villages with 1,200 f【8】 living in Zhalong. Many local people went fishing. Moreover, some people got money by cutting and s【9】 wetland reeds(芦苇). This left the cranes nowhere to hide. So, the g【10】 decided to solve(解决) these problems.

五、完型填空 (共1题,共5分)


I live in a big city. It’s noisy and dirty and I got very________.At the weekends I like to leave the city and get some________air and a good rest. A few weeks ago I decided to go to see my________.I was really looking forward to it.

My parents live a long way________. I went to see them with James, a friend, and we drove on Friday night. In the middle of the ________it began to rain. The road became very ________and it was difficult to drive. We arrived home just after midnight,  feeling very ________.The next _______it was still raining. James took his _______to a garage which was very good.

In the afternoon the ________improved, we wanted to go for a _______.My parents lent us their car. That was no good. Their car didn’t________. We rang up the garage. “Oh,” they said, “your car_______be ready till tomorrow. ”So it wasn’t possible to go for a drive. We decided to play a word game. When we didn’t agree upona word we looked for a dictionary. It wasn’t there.Finally,my mother remembered, “I lent it to your sister. She took it with her when she left. ”The word game wasn’t any good without a dictionary.

On Sunday my mother dropped a heavy box on her foot and we had to hire a ________to take her to hospital. When James and I drove back we got stuck in a car accident. Next time I want a rest. I’ll stay in _______.

【1】A. angry   B. surprised   C. sad   D. tired

【2】A. warm   B. cool   C. cold   D. fresh

【3】A. comrades   B. friends   C. parents   D. hometown

【4】A. away   B. here   C. there   D. far

【5】A. day   B. night   C. journey   D. road

【6】A. narrow   B. wet   C. dirty   D. dry

【7】A. happy   B. excited   C. tired   D. thirsty

【8】A. morning   B. day   C. afternoon   D. evening

【9】A. clothes   B. car   C. books   D. machine

【10】A. car   B. clothes   C. weather   D. work

【11】A. drive   B. look   C. trip   D. walk

【12】A. move   B. run   C. start   D. work

【13】A. mustn’t   B. couldn’t   C. wouldn’t   D. won’t

【14】A. truck   B. taxi   C. bike   D. bus

【15】A. the country   B. the city   C. my home   D. the garage

六、阅读理解 (共1题,共5分)


There are many national parks in Africa where you can go on safari(游猎). In the northeast of South Africa, there is a national park named Kruger National Park. It is about 20,000 square kilometers. Many kinds of plants and animals live in Kruger, including the famous "Big Five". For hunters, these five animals are some of the most difficult and dangerous to catch. Many travelers think mainly about seeing the Big Five while on safari. But there are many other interesting, and much smaller animals too.

Tanzania(坦桑尼亚) is another country with many parks where you can go on safari. The good place is Gombe Stream National Park in the west of the country. It has thick forest, old trees, and beautiful lakes. When you go deep into the forest, you can sit to wait for some animals to come near. You'll be glad to watch these animals playing, eating and communicating(交流) with each other.

Chobe National Park in the country Botswana is another popular place for safari. You can see one of the largest elephant groups in the world there. You can see elephants face to face in this national park. When you go around the park and feel the grass moving, there may be elephants. Then you can see them nearer. They walk past you to look for food.

【1】If you go to the north-east of South Africa, the best place to go on safari is_______.

A. Chobe National Park   B. Gombe Stream National Park

C. Tan.   D. Kruger National Park

【2】What does “the Big Five” mean in the passage?

A. They are five big parks.

B. They are five kinds of big and dangerous animals.

C. They are five good hunters.

D. They are five high mountains.

【3】How many countries does the writer mention(提到) in the passage?

A. One.   B. Two.   C. Three.   D. Four.

【4】Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Gombe Stream National Park is a good place with thick forest and beautiful lakes.

B. Gombe Stream National Park i.s one of the parks where you can go on safari in Tanzania.

C. Chobe National Park has many elephants.

D. You can see interesting small animals around the lake in Chobe National Park.

【5】Which is the best title?

A. Safari in Africa   B. Face to Face with the Elephants

C. Travelling in Africa   D. Animals in Africa

七、任务型阅读 (共1题,共5分)


Have you ever asked your relatives or friends if there is Wi-Fi in their houses? Have you ever searched for Wi-Fi when you are at restaurants or hotels? The answers will probably be "Yes". Most of us want Wi-Fi everywhere as if we can't live without it. But we can only use free Wi-Fi in some public places. We still have to spend some money accessing(连接)the Internet at most time. Here comes a piece of good news.

A rich, powerful organization(组织) in the USA called the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) has decided to change the age of online computing (计算) completely by giving free Wi-Fi to every person on Earth. They will send up hundreds of satellites(卫星) into low Earth orbit(轨道)in 2015.

This is because they have made a survey and found that only 60% of the world's population(人口) have been able to get information on the Internet. And this is also because many countries are unable to offer people the necessary infrastructure(基础设施)to access the web.

We can expect to use free Wi-Fi everywhere in the near future.


【1】What do you search for when you are at restaurants or hotels?


【2】What is MDIF?


【3】How will MDIF change the age of online computing completely?


【4】When will they send up hundreds of satellites into low Earth orbit?


【5】Do you want to use free Wi-Fi everywhere? Why? (自拟作答)


八、书面表达 (共1题,共5分)







4. 我认为……(至少2点)。


6.联系方式:Tel: 0519-7088888. E-mail address: Sandy @ sunshine.com

Dear Sir or madam,


Yours sincerely,


九、 (共1题,共5分)



【1】Great Green Wall is in the __________ (north) part of China.

【2】Many people cut down trees ____________ (make) more money.

【3】We should protect animals to prevent them from _______________ (disappear).

【4】There is a local (本地的)______________(fisherman) living area for them to hunt wildlife.

【5】Chen Long is one of the famous _____________ (act) in the world.

【6】___________ (talk) with your parents often is a good way to make them understand you.

【7】Hurry up! The film will start at 7;00 , there’s little time ___________(leave) for us now.

【8】We should _____________ (active) take part in all kinds of sports.

【9】We should ask people ___________(not catch) birds for any reason.

【10】It’s reported that many animals are in danger. They need our ________(protect).